Structural Steel Profile Design with Creo AFX Software - Part Three

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Structural Steel Profile Design with Creo AFX Software
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Structural Steel Profile Joints Step 5. Adding Structural Profile Joint 

Select the corner joint (see fig.7 left)> select the left vertical 460UB beam> select the 460UB rafter, the joint will be generated (see fig.8) > repeat for opposite end.

Select the Mitre joint> select the left rafter> select the right rafter (see fig.9)

Select the T-Joint> select the 200UB vertical beam> select the rafter (see fig.10):

  • structural joint structural steel mitre Stuctural profile CAD T-Joint

   CAD software structural profile connectionsStep 6. Connect the Steel Profile Joints

Select the endplate align size (see fig.11)> check the with holes option> change hole dimension>select (1) profile top> select the top face of the rafter> select the (2) attach face>select the inside face of the vertical beam, connection will be placed (see fig.12)> repeat for opposite end.

Endplate align size> enter values (see fig.13) check (a) with holes, select (1) profile top> select the outside face of the vertical beam> select (2) attach face> select the rafter, connection will be generated. Repeat for next beam: 




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